What's the #1 problem in the world today? Holes. If we got rid of holes this world would be cured of all its woes.

Think about it: could your house ever fall into a sinkhole if holes didn't exist? No. The guy who keeps bragging about his hole-in-one? Yeah we'd totally fix that. Did your lover find someone else? Doesn't matter. Holes don't exist anywhere, not even in your heart. What a world it would be...

But Where Do We Start?

Well, we've got to start somewhere so we decided to make a no holes belt. We took this approach because we realized that the problem with belts in general is the holes. The reason is simple, we take a perfectly good article of clothing and we punch holes through it and then we wonder why they wear out so fast and look so tired. Where do belts get stretch marks? Where do they crack? It's always around the holes. And isn't the perfect fit always somewhere between two notches? Holes in belts are just lame.

So we made a holeless belt. By avoiding the holes we actually strengthen it. With no holes to wear, stretch, tear, and weaken your belt, it will last ten times as long and always look like you just got it. You'll look better and be happier with an article of clothing that you can wear everyday and always fits perfectly.

Someone super smart said this once:

"A philosophy that I have always had and shared is: if it is something that you have to live with everyday, i.e. a belt, glasses, contacts, shoes, socks, etc., get what you like best regardless of the price. Some things are just worth the money."

-Someone Super Smart

What this person is clearly saying is to get a nice no holes belt from us, or several of them. And the good news, it won't cost you a fortune. For just $35 dollars you can have a Mission Belt delivered to your door anywhere in the continental United States. And that gets us one step closer to a no holes world.

Say Goodbye To Holes


No Holes Belt: How it Works

The magic in The Mission Belt is the buckle mechanism itself. It's a magnet mechanism that engages a retention lever that holds the belt in place when the tip is inserted. On the inside of the belt tip is a six inch row of plastic teeth that are caught by the retention lever. Since there are six inches of retention teeth separated by about 1/4 inch you can micro adjust down to the exact length you need.

Did you just lose 5 lbs? No problem. Just slide the belt tip in another notch or two and presto! the belt is a perfect fit again. Too many chips and nachos at Pepe's? It's all good, amigo! Just discreetly grab the release latch and let your swelling midsection do the rest. Ok, maybe that's too graphic, but I think you get the idea. This belt always...like ALWAYS...fits.

To disengage the magnet from the retention teeth on the inside of the belt you just simply squeeze a retention lever that is located on the bottom of the buckle. That will disengage the magnet and make the ratchet belt simply slide off as you pull the tip out of the buckle. Once you try the Mission Belt No Holes Belt you will never go back to holes. That's a promise. 

The reverse side of the Mission Belt buckle. See the retention lever and magnet?

As you insert the belt tip into the buckle you will hear a click as retention teeth glide over the retention lever.

Lastly, simply adjust to your desired perfect fit. To release, just squeeze the retention lever by lifting the lever at the bottom of the buckle away from your body. Simple!

These belts are really simple to operate. So easy, in fact, that you could do it while getting doused by an assortment of condiments. Don't believe me? Just ask Cam:

Are No Holes Belts Made to Last?

That might seem like an easy question to answer, but the reality is, not every no holes belt is well made. And none of them are as well made as the Mission Belt. We hold ourselves to a very high standard. Remember, we're aiming for a holeless world so we're planning to be here for awhile. How will we ever fill the Grand Canyon if we make a belt that people aren't happy with?

Every Mission Belt is made from high-quality materials. The buckle, the leather, the locking mechanism, all of it is a testament to our high production standards. This short video shows how our belts are made:


Which Belt is Right for Me?

Here's the low down on our awesome belts: they come in various sizes, colors, and styles. Each belt comes in several sizes from small all the way to 56" long. We recommend buying your belt just a little longer than you might anticipate. The reason is because our buckles are removable so you can trim the leather down to the exact length you need for a perfect fit.

Our belts are available in two widths: 35mm & 40mm. All leathers and buckles are interchangeable but only if they are the same width. That way you can mix & match buckles with different leathers depending on the occasion. But remember, you can't mix or match a 40mm leather with a 35mm buckle...unless of course you're a warlock.

As for our different styles and colors, there are several to choose from and we add more on a regular basis. You can see our various collections here: Solids, Gold, Kids, 3Bar, Heavy Metal, Alloys. Or just check out all our belts and see what strikes your fancy. So the real question isn't: which one is right for you? It's: which ones are you going to buy first?

We're on a Mission

Yes, we are on a mission. First we plan to eradicate belt holes. At the same time we're hoping to eradicate holes in people's stomachs. Hunger really sucks! Even worse than holes in belts. That's why we donate $1 from every belt purchased to Kiva, a microlending organization. The money is used to help people in developing countries start or grow their small business and provide the income they need to get out of poverty. Read more about The Mission and help us fill a few holes!

March 19, 2014 — Candice Newell